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Event bookings are available for individuals, community groups, business, schools and sports clubs for quiz nights, fetes and fairs, sports fundraisers and exhibitions, plus much more. Bookable spaces include

  • Sports courts

Please note, bookings are not accepted for private functions such as birthday parties, Christenings, anniversaries, etc.

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The leisure centres will consider all types of bookings providing they are not competing with programs or services offered by the City of Joondalup Leisure Centres. An hourly hire fee will apply to each bookable area within the Centre as part of the City of Joondalup schedule of fees and charges.

Note: all bookings, including casual bookings, are for a minimum period of one hour.

To request a booking, please complete the form below. For more information, please contact 9400 4600.


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Payments including Bonds for Functions are to be paid 21 days in advance.

Alcohol and Gaming – Request for authority

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Terms and Conditions

Read our terms and conditions

The Terms and Conditions of Hire are written in accordance with the Local Government and Public Property Local Law 2014, which is available for viewing at www.joondalup.wa.gov.au.


  • Applications must be lodged via the appropriate City of Joondalup Leisure Centres online booking form.
  • All applicants must be aged 18yrs and over.
  • The approved hirer is responsible for ensuing all relevant insurances required for the booking are obtained and provide copies to the City. Minimum requirement for Public Liability Insurance is $20million.
  • The intent of the booking and the responsible individual or organisation must be stated as part of the booking. Any variance from the stated purpose or user group may result in further charges, loss of bond and/or jeopardise future bookings.
  • All bookings are tentative until confirmed in writing by the City.
  • City of Joondalup Leisure Centres may impose additional Terms and Conditions appropriate to the proposed hire purpose and can refuse an application for hire without assigning any reason for refusal.
  • Management reserves the right to request the use of the facility, should it be required for special purposes or one-off events.
  • Management reserves the right to cancel any booking. Written notice will be forwarded to you 28 days prior to the date of your event and the full deposit will be refunded.


  • All times booked, and any additional time used, must be paid for including setting up and cleaning up of facility (15-minute segments will apply).
  • Hire fees are set in accordance with the City’s Fees and Charges Schedule.
  • Hirer may make application for a transfer to another date without forfeit depending on circumstances and the availability of the facility.
  • Payment, including Bond, is required in full, 21 days prior to the booking date.
  • Non-payment will result in the termination of the booking.
  • When cancelling a booking the hirer must notify the Centre of the cancellation in writing. An administration charge of 20% of the total hire fees will apply to bookings that are cancelled up to 14 days prior to the booking date. No refunds will be given to bookings cancelled within 14 days of the booking date.


  • A Bond is required for some bookings, the Facility Bookings Officer will advise it required.
  • The bond may be forfeited if the Terms and Conditions are not fulfilled.
  • Where an Annual Bond is paid this will be refunded via cheque or bank transfer after 1 December each year, provided the facility is left in a satisfactory condition as determined by the City after each event.
  • The bond will be refunded to the person/organisation whose name appears on the bond receipt.

General Housekeeping

  • Crepe paper must not be used in the facility
  • Blue or yellow tack and cello tape must not be used in the facility.
  • Signs, fittings or structures must not be erected in the Centre.
  • Smoke machines and candles must not be used in the Centre.
  • Confetti or rice/grains must not be used inside or outside the Centre.
  • The approved hirer is responsible for ensuing any electrical equipment used within the facility is in safe working order and tagged and tested by a qualified electrician. Power points and power boards must not be overloaded.
  • Live bands and the use of loud musical instruments require special permissions from the City. If you are planning on using music whilst you are utilizing our facilities, you will require the appropriate music licence/s through the Phonographic Performance Company of Australia (PPCA) & the Australasian Performing Right Association (APRA). For more information please refer to their websites: www.ppca.com.au & www.apra-amcos.com.au. It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure that their program/service is licensed appropriately.
  • No event or activity that will be in direct competition to the services or products offered at City of Joondalup Leisure Centre, Craigie.
  • All City of Joondalup facilities are a smoke free environment. Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the facilities or within the perimeter (10 metres) of any City buildings.
  • Emergency Exit doors are only to be used in the event of an emergency and under the direction of staff.
  • All tables and chairs must be returned to the storage area. Chairs must be cleaned and stacked in groups of no more than 15 and tables must be cleaned, folded and stored in an upright position.
  • Equipment must be set up by a staff member and only equipment directly related to your booking may be used.

City of Joondalup Responsibilities

  • Take every reasonable care and preparation to ensure all utilities, services and equipment are in proper working order, but will not accept responsibilities for breakdowns beyond their control.
  • Make every effort to provide the hirer with a clean and tidy facility.
  • Not be responsible for any damage, theft or loss of items belonging to or responsibility of the hirer.

Hirer’s responsibilities

  • All users must abide by the Conditions of Entry, located at the entrance and throughout the facility.
  • It is responsibility of the hirer to inspect the facility and ensure suitability prior to making a booking; this includes ensuring they obey the maximum capacity ratings as provided by the City of Joondalup.
  • Hirers must show respect and common courtesy for other user groups within the Centre or persons in nearby premises
  • The hirer is responsible for behaviour of all persons attending the function or activity
  • Hirers are responsible for the insurance of their own equipment or supplies, which are stored or left at the venue
  • Hirers are responsible for any public liability in respect to their activity. The City of Joondalup’s public liability will only cover injury, loss or damage because of any proven neglect or default of the city for casual users, excluding sporting bodies, clubs, associations, corporations, incorporated bodies or those hiring the facility for profit making purposes.
  • Should any accident and/or injury occur in the hired venue because of the hirers function and/or activity or general hire of the venue, City of Joondalup Leisure Centres cannot be held liable under any circumstances.
  • Standard supervision and entry charges will be applicable to the Centre. Adherence to all parental supervision guidelines:
    • All children under the age of 6yrs must be directly supervised (within arm’s reach) by an adult in the water.
    • An adult must supervise all children aged less than 11yrs whilst in the Centre.
  • Hirer to supply own PA system if required.
  • Groups are always to maintain good order and decent behaviour.

Cleaning and Damage

  • The approved hirer is financially responsible for any damage to the City property as a result of a booking.
  • Repairs are to be carried out only by the City and/or its approved contractors.
  • Cleaning products and equipment will be supplied by the City of Joondalup.
  • Where the hirer has paid additional for the City cleaners, the hirer is responsible for rubbish removal, cleaning of chair and tables.
  • The approved hirer is responsible to ensure the car park is left in a clean tidy condition when hiring Centre after normal operational hours.
  • All rubbish is to be removed and put in bins provided.
  • Wooden floors are to be swept and mopped of any food and beverage spillage if food is being consumed in area hired.
  • Damage to Centre property shall be paid for by any person(s) who willfully or negligently causes damage. Persons are responsible for damaged incurred by dependent guest/children.
  • Any damage discovered prior to booking should be reported to reception to ensure that your group will not be held responsible.

Alcohol, Gaming and Sale of Food

  • The approved hirer is responsible for ensuring all Liquor Licences and Gaming Permits required for the booking are obtained. These Licences will only be approved on the grounds that there is no alcohol sold in glass and consumption is restricted to the Function Room or Ground Level on Court 1. Please contact the Facility Bookings Officer for further information regarding liquor and gaming licence applications.
  • Alcohol must not be stored on the premises overnight.
  • The lease of the Leisure Centre Café ‘Cafelife’ reserves all rights for the sale and provision of food and beverages.
  • Cafelife reserves rights for the supply of food and/or beverages included in ticket sales.
  • Where the approved hirer is granted an Occasional Liquor Licence for the event the hirer may only provide alcohol and water in accordance with the approval.
  • The hirer must apply to the City to sell and/or supply food and/or beverages where Cafelife is unable.

Closing and Leaving the Facility

  • Any City of Joondalup authorised officer may close down the facility at any time if the Terms and Conditions of Hire are not complied with.
  • The City reserves the right to close any building at any time due to urgent maintenance requirements or potential risks. Where possible, an alternative venue or facility will be offered.
  • The approved hirer is required to complete a facility check with the Duty Manager prior to set-up and again after pack-up, complete and sight the Event Check List and Conclusion of Event Check List.

Safety and Security

  • The approved hirer is responsible for the safety of their guests/patrons at all times. In the event of an emergency the hirer must account for all their guests/patrons.
  • Public announcement is to be made at the commencement of each function, advising patrons of the emergency exits and procedures.
  • The maximum capacity for the facility must not be exceeded.
  • The approved hirer must take reasonable precautions to prevent unintended guests/patrons from attending the function.
  • The approved hirer must immediately notify the Duty Manager of any safety matters.
  • An event coordinator is to make him/herself known to the Leisure Centre Duty Manager by 6.00pm.
  • Sufficient function staff is available to complete all pack up and clean up tasks as stipulated in the Conclusion of Function Checklist.

Code of Conduct

  • Abide by the City of Joondalup Leisure Centres Conditions of Entry and Facility Bookings Conditions of Hire.
  • Display and maintain good and decent behaviour and manage the behaviour of those in the group, including not using insulting or abusing language.
  • Take direction from the City’s staff.
  • Be honest, reasonable, fair and sensitive in dealings with members of the public and staff.
  • Give accurate information regarding the City of Joondalup when communicating with members of the user group.
  • Are “fit” to conduct coaching and presenting activities, including not under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Not play music or use a loud speaker without the permission of the City of Joondalup.
You must agree to the terms and conditions to proceed.

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